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    1.The positive pressure of not less than 10Pa shall be maintained in clean area compared with unclean area. The positive pressure of not less than 15Pa shall be maintained in clean area compared with the outside or the area connecting to the outside. The extrusion difference should not be greater than 30Pa.

    2.The buffer room should be set between clean area and unclean area with area not less than 3m2, the cleanliness level should be at the same level as the side with high cleanliness and should not be higher than 1000.

    3.The number, size and air cleanliness level of operation room in the clean operation department should be determined according to the nature, scale, level and financial conditions of the hospital. For a comprehensive hospital, if class I clean operation room is required, the number of such clean operation room should not exceed 15% of the total number of clean operation room, but at least l room is necessary. One negative pressure clean operation room is optional if the condition 

    permits. For specialist hospitals, the number of especially clean operation room should be determined based on the actual needs.

    Cleanliness Room  Purity Ranking and Wind Change Times / 潔凈室凈化級別及換風次數
    Class  級別          Number of the wind change/hour   換風次數
    100  Class  級 ------ More than 100 / hour    100次以上 / 小時
    1000  Class  級 ------ 50-60 / hour    50-60次 / 小時
    10000  Class  級 ------ 20-25 / hour    20-25次 / 小時
    100,000  Class  級 ------ 15-20 / hour    15-20次 / 小時
    300,000  Class  級 ------ More than 10 / hour    10次以上 / 小時
    1,000,000  Class  級 ------ More than 10 / hour    10次以上 / 小時